Praise for Diana Andrews, from Managers & Colleagues:

“I am writing to recommend Diana Andrews as a creative leader. Diana worked for ABC-CLIO as the Director of Creative Services. We were fortunate to welcome Diana to our marketing and creative teams when ABC-CLIO acquired Greenwood Publishing Group in the late fall of 2008. Diana provided valuable insights into Greenwood’s creative processes and programs and equally important, she continued to lead our creative and marcom design project teams effectively during the transition period, following the acquisition.

Diana’s grasp of the nuances of creative direction and supervision, her solid experience in managing large and often complex projects, her abilities to direct creative projects in ways that meet management expectations and maximize creative talent all served to keep our work flowing smoothly and successfully. Diana also proved herself to be adept at managing multiple, and often competing priorities.

I am confident that you will find Diana’s skills to be excellent, her thoughtful approach to project planning to be a strong strategic addition to your team, and her commitment to quality and excellence superb. In any true creative leader, we look for the ability to align processes to objectives, and creative execution to branding and strategy direction. Diana offers those critical abilities along with the skill to work in partnership with both sales and marketing teams.”
–Becky Snyder, President, ABC-CLIO

“Diana has both a highly refined design sensibillity as well as an ability to understand and implement specific design strategies as part of an overall marketing vision. She is dedicated to her craft and undertakes projects with a sense of personal ownership – i.e., she wants her design projects to be appreciated for their visual appeal but she is clearly invested in ensuring that her work also align with a company’s broader strategic goals. Great person to work with and a talented Creative Director.”
–Wayne Smith, President, Greenwood Publishing Group

“Diana Andrews is a top-flight creative director with a rare combination of managerial talent, customer focus, and strategic insight–as well as exquisite taste. She is expert at bringing together all the participants, both staff and freelance, of either a companywide marketing campaign or a major product launch: sales, direct mail, editorial, production, creative–people with diverse backgrounds and agendas. She manages somehow to produce excellent work on budget and on schedule. She can oversee enormous, complex tasks without losing her cool. Perhaps her crowning achievement was the launch of Greenwood Publishing’s electronic database Pop Culture Universe, which went on to win the prestigious Dartmouth Medal of the American Library Association and a slew of rave reviews–which singled out the product’s distinctive design component for praise.”
–Gary Kuris, Vice President, Editorial, Greenwood Publishing Group

“Diana is the consummate professional. She is creative, detail-oriented, and she has a proven track record for handling a large volume of work and delivering it on schedule. Her management skills are excellent. She is a pleasure to work with and would be a welcome addition to a management team.”
–Toni Ann Scaramuzzo, Vice President of Production, Springer Publishing Company

“Diana is an energetic and enthusiastic design professional who combines a wealth of creative ideas with practical business sense. She’s a good problem-solver and understands how to partner with colleagues from other departments.”
–Anne Patterson, Vice President, Publisher, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

“Diana and I worked together in Marketing at Greenwood, and she impressed me immediately with her knack for managing a variety of projects, in-house staff, and freelancers, with grace and ease. Her eye for the right design concept for the right piece is unparalleled. She is a skilled professional and a great person to work with – I recommend her highly.”
–Laura Mullen, Publicity Director, Greenwood Publishing Group

“Diana is a leader. She and her team do excellent work. They work under very tight deadlines. Yet, Diana has always graciously honored my numerous requests to squeeze in extra pieces whenever I needed them. The volume of work she is able to handle is amazing and the results are outstanding. It has been a great pleasure to work with such a creative, capable professional.”
–Mary Jo Scala, Senior Marketing Manager, Greenwood Publishing Group

“I worked with Diana for several years. She is an outstanding Creative Director, providing guidance and support when needed, while giving her team the freedom to be creative. Diana is deadline conscious, and she is excellent at navigating the inevitable challenges of delivering spot-on campaign pieces. She is able to communicate at the most senior level and still relate to entry-level team members to nurture their talents. I recommend her without reservation.”
–Penny Bice, PMP, Contract Senior Production Editor, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

“Diana has worked tirelessly, practically on a shoestring, to ensure that the in-house staff and freelancers got the job done. All the while, Diana made sure that the imprints maintained a strong “personality” and visual impact. At conferences, I was on the receiving end of innumerable compliments (on the brochures and the catalogs), and all of this was due largely to Diana’s tireless efforts. She is sharp, determined, and decisive, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
–Heather Ruland Staines, Editorial Director, Praeger Security International, Greenwood Publishing Group

“I worked with Diana for many years. She is a pleasure to work with.
Diana would be a great asset to any company. Diana works well under pressure and can handle a large volume of work delivering on-time, quality products.”
–Jodi Borgenicht, Production Manager, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

“Diana brought creativity to the often staid “face” of academic publishing. She skillfully collaborated with authors, editors, marketers, and illustrators, successfully balanacing their individual (and frequently conflicting) needs and views.”
–Kathey Alexander, Executive Vice President, Professional Publishing, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


— Diana Andrews